Kevin’s Klippings (Oct 17)


Summer is finally over and Fall is bringing some great weather. The long, cool nights will cause the Bermuda fairways to lose the lush green color. The first frost is just around the corner.


Before you know it we will be contending with frost some mornings. As the days continue to shorten, it will be later each day before the sun peeks around and over the trees to thaw greens that have frost on them. In order to prevent unnecessary damage, I would ask all our early morning golfers to please stay off all areas of the golf course on frosty mornings


We recently aerified greens and they should be back in great shape soon. Thanks for your patience during this disruption.

As always, green speed is reduced after we aerify. Dealing with slower greens is just a short term aftereffect associated with aerification. The reason this happens is largely due to higher than ordinary rates of fertilization. Around aerification time I use more fertilizer to stimulate growth. A more aggressively growing plant will recover and provide a smooth putting surface in a shorter amount of time. When the bentgrass greens are aggressively growing, ball roll will always be slower. The greens usually heal up in about a week when we aerify in September. Slower green speed is a good trade off for a rapid recovery and smooth surface after aerification.

ROUGHS…. overseeding

We have been reseeding some large areas in the roughs. We normally aerify the area first and then seed. So, if you see any areas in the rough that have been aerified, please try to limit cart traffic and protect our new seed. We have put up a few rope near greens to limit traffic.


– Golf Course Superintendent Kevin Glover