Goosegrass In the Greens

As we all know goosegrass has had a stellar year.  Our chemical pre-emergent failed/broke-down early due to this year’s extreme early heat (hottest 3 month, May-July period ever recorded) and wet conditions. I have noticed a few helpers pulling some out and leaving holes or leaving the plant laying on the green/collar. Neither one of those activities is really helping. Leaving a hole does nothing for smoothness of the green, most would rather putt through goosegrass. Disposal of the plant is very important. Leaving the pulled plant laying on the green allows it to possibly get caught under the cutting unit leaving a scar as it is drug across the green when we mow. Also, goosegrass is prolific seed producer; 1000’s of seeds are spread when the plant is pulled and thrown on or around the green. Contaminated green surrounds is how goosegrass gets on the greens.

The best removal method is with a sharp, pointed knife. Slip under the plant and just slice it off at the surface. The roots left behind are not going to regrow a new plant. Toss the plant in the trash can. Thank you for any help.

– Kevin Glover, Golf Course Superintendent