Men’s League 2018 Final Results

*Scores of 4.5 were originally entered for all teams for the May 22nd event due to rain-out. The May 22nd event was replayed as the final event on August 28th, meaning the 4.5’s entered for each team on May 22nd were erased and replaced with your score from the 8/28 replay. As a result, some teams scores may not have changed much or even gone down depending on your score from the final night of play. 


Championship Flight


D. Johnson/B. Norris 78.5
T. Collins/H. Price 75.5
M. Howard/J. Hutchinson 75.5
J. Estes/M. Hayden 74.5
A. Roberts/T. Yager 72
T. Gholson/D. Higginbotham 71
N. Polley/D. Vanover 70.5
C. Conkright/B. Hicks 69
S. Divine/R. King 68.5
K. Agner/D. Baker 68
R. Knight/C. Norcia 68
R. Purk/L. Stivers 67.5
D. Harris/H. Warren 67.5
A. Hancock/S. Lyons 65
G. Powell/K. Thompson 64.5
R. Belfiglio/S. Stoermer 63.5
D. Augenstein/B. Haines 63.5
K. Lamar/S. Lee 63
M. Phillips/D. Thompson 62.5
T. Collins/A. Howard 62
K. Aud/B. Wilborn 61.5
J. Iracane/J. Isenbarger 61.5
N. Ford/B. McKinley 59.5


First Flight


J. Fulkerson/N. Richard 79.5
J. Hofer/J. Houston 76
S. Fulkerson/J. McKinley 72.5
M. Aull/R. Baker 72
M. Davis/G. Wahl 72
R. Edge/M. Strehl 71.5
R. Koehler/B. McDole 71
J. Higdon/S. Higdon 70.5
T. Coomes/M. Elder 69.5
J. Kyle/T. West 69
P. Cunningham/B. Jagoe 69
S. Hayden/T. Wilkerson 67.5
F. Anderson/M. Walker 67.5
G. Carter/G. Sisk 67
G. Barnard/G. Moore 64.5
D. Goyal/M. Shah 64.5
J. Yager/A. Yager 63.5
J. Lawson/E. Taylor 63
D. Moseley/J. Ray 62.5
M. Fort/T. Gipe 62
W. Jenkins/J. Worth 62
D. Kirkland/J. Watson 62
J. Danzer/J. Danzer Sr. 54