Parent-Child Results 2020


1st Place Gross – John and Annalee Yager

2nd Place Gross – Michael and Jackson Beckwith


1st Place Net – Mark and Kelsey Fort


1st Place Gross – Jonathon and Luke Estes

2nd Place Gross – Rusty and Mack Burton

3rd Place Gross – Ramez and Alexa Salamah


1st Place Net – Darrell and Carter Vanover

2nd Place Net – Dane and Cameron McLaird

3rd Place Net – Ryan and Addebelle Rutman


1st Place Gross – Darrell and Colby Vanover

2nd Place Gross – John and John Patrick Yager

3rd Place Gross – Jake and Beau Isenbarger


1st Place Net – Todd and Wade Harper

2nd Place Net – Rusty and Reed Burton