Course Conditions


It looks like continued dry weather this week. Im starting to see some stress in the turf already. One good thing is that the poa in the fairways is fading away quickly in the dry weather. I have only watered fairways once so far. We continue to fight irrigation issues with it shutting down at night during watering cycles.

150 is the magic number for best bermuda growth. 150 comes from combining the night time lows and day time high temps. When those equal 150 we will have some aggressive bermuda growth. This week we should see multiple days in that sweet spot.

We started scalping down the bermuda in the Events Lawn. The plan is to treat it like a fairway. After a good sand topdressing I think we can mow it with a fairway mower. We took off most of the green tissue, but I expect it to come back thicker than ever in about a week. We should have the premier tennis racquet waffle/kickball field in the state.

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