Course Conditions


Carts must remain on the paths.



Why cart paths only in Winter?

The bermuda is still a living and breathing plant even in its dormant state, but it is not actively growing and cannot recover from traffic and wear.    Next year’s fairway turf comes from the stolens at the soil surface not the roots. The dormant mat of turf that was last year’s fairway grass provides a layer of insulation for those stolens.   If these are worn away from cart traffic the stolens are not protected from the cold temperatures.  Also, soil moisture levels are much higher in the winter and traffic from carts creates undesirable compaction under winter conditions.  Freezing and thawing cycles also make the soil unstable and prone to greater compaction.    Winterkill is the number 1 problem for bermuda in our area.  We cannot control the weather, but we can eliminate cart traffic from being part of the problem. 


Why we have Frost Delays