Course Conditions

NO CART RESTRICTION: 90 degree rule

Fresh cut on greens this week and no change in the cart policy.

We will cut greens most days that we do not dip below freezing temps at night or have too heavy of a frost.

We have the bunker rakes in the shop still. We are waiting on material to refurbish the handles. We will get them back on the course as soon as possible once finished.

We have started to remove a few bunkers. We are removing 4 in total: 1 fwy, 7 fwy, 10 green and 18 green left side. The plan is to dip out the sand, fill with soil, reshape followed by fescue sod.

Always check with the Golf Shop before you come out on those chilly mornings to see if we are running on a frost delay.

Current Weather

OCC 2024 Fairway Renovation – Complete fairway kill-off and replant Tahoma 31 bermuda

Expectations and Timeline:

  • May 13 – 1st kill-off spray – course remains open
  • May 27 – 2nd kill-off spray – course remains open
  • June 10 – 3rd kill-off spray, start leveling work and aerification – course remains open
  • June 21 – 4th kill-off spray – course remains open
  • June 24 – Sprig planting starts – Course closed for several days
  • June 29 – Play all holes as par 3
  • July 12 – Play from normal tees, pick and move ball from fairways to hit
  • July 22- Play from fairways
  • July 22 – Sod Approaches
  • Aug 5 – 75-80% coverage of new turf
  • Aug 19 – 95-100% coverage of new turf

During the kill-off phase, while the course is still open for play, you can expect the fairways to play as if they were dormant, like winter conditions.  Beginning on June 10, while the course is still open, we will start leveling and smoothing out bad areas and aerification of fairways will take place. The course will remain open, but will have some disruption of play at this point. When sprig planting starts, the course will be closed during planting process which could take 3-4 days.

After sprigs are in the ground, the first 10-14 days the fairways will be completely saturated from heavy irrigation and all holes will be played as par 3 – tees will be set in rough.  Around day 15, less irrigation and holes will be played at full length.  Tee shots that land in the fairway need to be moved to the rough to hit.  By the 4th week we will decrease irrigation, fairways will be substantially drier and we should have enough new grass to hit off the fairways.  Carts will be restricted to paths for 8 weeks during the grow-in process..

** This timeline is a in a perfect world scenario. I fully expect weather to play a part and we will adjust and make changes as required.