Pickleball Courses

(Wednesday Night Single Session Events)

1. Drilling – Why, and how, you must drill to improve: Drilling is the only way to elevate your game to the next level. Playing games does not provide the repetitions to improve significantly once you plateau. Focus Areas: Dinking 3rd Shot drops Resetting
2. Blocking & Countering – Levels 2.0 and Above: Blocking and countering are important tools to have in your toolbox. This course will introduce the necessary techniques in your quest to impose your will at the net. Focus Areas: Effectively protect yourself at the net How to direct blocked shots Countering winners
3. How to Increase Topspin at the Baseline and Net – Level 2.0 and Above: The most used stroke in pickleball that you must understand and control to be an effective player. Focus Areas: The most understood element of topspin – the GRIP.
Footwork and body position Serving with power
4. How to Beat Bangers – Level 2.0 and Above: Aggressive, hard hitting players can be difficult to beat. This course will provide tools and strategies to offset and potentially beat bangers. Focus Areas: Serves and Returns Court Position Strategic Dinking
5. Rolling Volleys – Level 3.0 and Above: The backhand and forehand rolls are a challenging technique that will be broken down for you with drills to help you master the shot from either wing. Focus Areas: Footwork Grip and body position Swing path
6. Winning Doubles Strategies – Level 2.0 and Above: Court position and communications are pieces of the puzzle that we’ll introduce in building formidable doubles partnerships. Focus Areas: Communications The Mysterious Middle Setting Up Your Partner
7. Stacking – Level 3.0 and Above: Maximize understanding and application of this doubles technique. Focus Areas: Court Position Shifting Full & ¾ Stacking