Clinics and Camps

Pickleball Clinics (Multiple Sessions)

1. Beginners’ Pickleball 101: Learn the basics of pickleball and have fun! No experience or equipment necessary. Focus Areas: Rules and techniques Skill development Friendly play
2. Novice Pickleball 201 (Level 2.0 – 2.5): For improving players who want to enhance their skills and learn more about pickleball strategy. Focus Areas: Skill improvement Strategy Novice leagues
3. Intermediate Pickleball 301 (Level 3.0 – 3.5+): Develop your skills, improve technique, and play in a more competitive environment. Focus Areas: Technique refinement Competitive play Intermediate leagues
4. Advanced Pickleball 401 (Level 4.0+): Take your skills to the next level in a competitive setting. Focus Areas: High-level play Tournament Preparation Competitive Drills & Strategies
5. Beginner Youth Pickleball Ages – 7-12: Pickleball isn’t just popular among adults. It’s a sport that captures the hearts of kids as well. This course will introduce the small picklers to the game and will cover the fundamentals of the game in a fun environment. Focus Areas: Rules Court movement, footwork Basic strokes Keeping score
6. Intermediate Youth Pickleball Ages – 13-18: This course is designed for those young picklers who have played several times and are wanting to elevate their games. Focus Areas: Court positioning Passing shots 3rd shot drops & drives Mastering topspin

Junior Tennis Clinics (Summer)

Description: Owensboro Country Club hosts junior tennis clinics during the summer months. These clinics are specifically designed for young tennis enthusiasts, providing them with professional coaching, skill development, and an opportunity to enjoy the sport in a supportive environment. Schedule: Clinics are held throughout the week to accommodate various age groups and skill levels. Please see the Current Program Schedule below for specific times.

Focus Areas:

Fundamentals: Juniors learn the basics of tennis, including proper grip, footwork, and strokes.

Game Strategy: Coaches emphasize game strategy, positioning, and shot selection.

Fitness and Conditioning: Participants engage in fitness drills to enhance their overall athleticism.