Leagues & Outings

Pickleball & Tennis Leagues

Men’s Pickleball Night: Thursday nights are dedicated to men’s pickleball. Men of all skill levels come together for friendly matches and social interaction. We have 3 courts for open court and 3 challenge courts where teams run the river to try and get to the top court. We modify the format based on member interest.
Men’s Team League: Saturday mornings feature the men’s team league. Teams compete in pickleball matches, showcasing their skills and teamwork.
Ladies Pickleball League: Thursday mornings are reserved for the ladies’ pickleball league. Women participate in league play, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition.
Ladies Pickleball Night: Tuesday nights offer ladies the chance to play pickleball in a relaxed and supportive environment with measured hostility.
Ladies Tennis Open Court: Tuesday mornings are dedicated to ladies’ tennis. Women of all skill levels can enjoy casual tennis or we can crank up the voltage if requested.
Cardio Tennis and Pickleball: Twice a week, participants engage in high-energy cardio tennis and pickleball sessions, combining fitness with fun.
Open Court Pickleball For The Family: Sunday afternoons are for open court pickleball, where families can play together and enjoy the sport together.
Member and Member-Guest Tournaments: Throughout the year, Owensboro Country Club hosts member-only and member-guest pickleball and tennis tournaments, providing competitive opportunities for our members and their guests.
Club Championships: October/November is reserved for the crowning of the Club Champions of Pickleball at OCC. 2023 Champions include: Chris Rhoads and John Iracane, men’s doubles; Ashlie Iracane and Carolyn Cason, women’s doubles; and Chris and Lisa Hyland, mixed doubles.                          

Group Events


Glow pickleball adds a unique twist to the game by playing under blacklights. The court, paddles, ball, and players all glow in the dark, creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Schedule: Glow pickleball events are organized periodically, providing a memorable experience for participants. Focus Areas: Nighttime Fun: Playing pickleball in a neon-lit environment adds an element of excitement. Social Gathering: Glow pickleball brings players together for a lively evening. Skill Challenges: The altered lighting conditions test players’ adaptability.


We’re excited to announce that the club now offers Pickleball Excursions to corporations and businesses. If you’re planning a team-building activity, or other corporate event, many now consider pickleball the new golf. An excellent option to help build teams and forge long lasting relationships.

Court Rental Options

  • Half-Day Rental: Perfect for morning or afternoon sessions.
  • Full-Day Rental: Ideal for a full day of team bonding and play

Benefits: Team Building: Pickleball is a fantastic way to foster teamwork, communication, and camaraderie among your colleagues.

Fitness and Fun: Get active, enjoy the game, and recharge during your corporate event.


OCC will allow charities to host fundraisers at the club for golf and now pickleball.Pickleball Tournaments: Organize a charity pickleball tournament at our club. Participants can compete, have fun, and contribute to your cause. Fundraising Events: Host pickleball-themed fundraising events, such as round-robin matches, doubles challenges, or pickleball clinics. Community Engagement: Invite the local community to participate in a charity pickleball day. All proceeds can go toward your charitable efforts. Sponsorship Opportunities: Seek sponsorships from local businesses or individuals who are passionate about both pickleball and philanthropy. We’ve attempted to offer something for everyone. But if we haven’t, please let us know.